The Epididymitis Quiz

There’s a lot of causes of testicular pain. Epididymitis is very common among those causes. This short quiz will help you determine if the natural Magnesium Treatment for Epididymitis is right for you or if you should go see a doctor.

First, are you a teenager?
No, ok most likely you don’t have testicular torsion. If yes, and the pain came on suddenly, then go to the emergency room just to be safe. Testicular torsion can be a very serious condition and you only have a small window to fix the situation before it’s too late. The good news is that if you’re not an adolescent and aren’t in so much pain you’re about to pass out, you don’t have to worry about testicular torsion.


Adult human testicle with epididymis: A. Head of epididymis, B. Body of epididymis, C. Tail of epididymis, and D. Vas deferens

Second, touch the testicle that hurts (if both hurt, go see a doctor). Does lightly squeezing the testicle in the center hurt?
No, ok good. If it does hurt, you might have Orchitis or testicular cancer. You will probably want to go see a doctor if this is the case. If the bulky mass of your testicle doesn’t hurt, then touch the testicle more on the backside (the side closest to your body centerline) and towards the top.  This would be the lower section of A in the picture to the left.. You should feel the vans deferens and the epididymis. If this seems inflamed and hurts to a light squeeze, you have Epididymitis.

Are you sexually active, i.e. would it possible that you could have contracted an STD recently?
If yes, I recommend you still try the Magnesium Treatment, but you might need to see a doctor the next day if you don’t get immediate relief. Bacterial infections can cause Epididymitis and you might need some form of antibiotics.

Most men who have Epididymitis don’t actually have a bacterial infection though. In fact, most doctors won’t subscribe antibiotics and tell their patients that the pain will go away in time. This is not reassuring to the tough gentlemen that suffer from this condition chronically or have regular recurrences.

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